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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Weirdest Test Ever 

I'm a sucker for a good quiz.

I love to blow ten minutes answering mindless questions to tell me which superhero I would be, which of the seven dwarfs I most identify with, which desk accessory I most resemble, whatever. I have a whole book of quizzes in my "reading" room at home (the small one with the porcelain furniture). So when I saw this link with Twelve Simple Questions to Reveal a Couple's Ideal Sleeping Position I naturally couldn't help but take the test.

I could tell from the first question that this was going to be no ordinary test. I'm not sure how they arrived at their conclusion that in sleep I am a "springloader" or even what that really means. But apparently I like to come up with my own terms for everyday phenomena. I suppose that's a fair assessment. Anyway, I just figured I'd share it with you out of lack of anything better to write.

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Apparently you’re also a sucker for a bad quiz, if you call that a quiz (or test). I'm wondering if I can ever trust you quiz/test judgement again...


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