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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Pressed for time. 

First a couple of facts:
  1. I love my wife dearly and deeply appreciate the effort that she puts into ironing my shirts for me. Fortunately for her, there is a "Mad About You" marathon on Nick@Nite all week.
  2. Assuming that I probably would wear a golf/polo shirt to work at least once a week, I could go for a whole month and never wear the same long-sleeved dress shirt twice.
  3. I don't care whether or not my clothes have wrinkles. No, I sincerely do not care.

We have been looking for the "million-dollar invention" for many years. We keep thinking that somehow we must have within us the ability to stumble upon something ingenious that everyone needs but no one has thought about a quick and cheap way to accomplish it. I went to sleep last night mulling this over in my mind.

Every wife (in the small sample that I've polled...) is utterly appalled when her husband stands up to lead singing in front of 200 people in an unpressed shirt. (OK, I'll admit, the sample size is one...) But no wife wants to spend four hours pressing her husband's shirts. I'm very impressed and shamed by my father and my employer, both of whom iron their own shirts. I would rather pluck a rooster or bathe in yogurt than spend time that I could be sleeping ironing shirts instead.

This is not to say that I will refuse to pitch in. If the need arises, I would kiss a chipmunk, lick a spark plug, or iron my own shirt to save my wife the chagrin of seeing me in public looking like Wrinklestiltskin. However, I will admit that I will wear some pretty ugly shirts along the way to avoid that task. And I'm sorry to say that, yes, I've fallen victim to the ruse of ironing only the parts of the shirt that will show when I'm wearing a suit jacket.

All I'm saying is, don't you think we could come up with something cost-effective and time-efficient that takes the grunt work out of having a nicely pressed wardrobe?

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