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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A backhanded compliment 

OK, so here we are at Dunkin Donuts, me and the guy who will likely be number 3 or 4 on this Friday's Top Ten, settling the score. I'm shelling out 55 cents for a jelly donut plus 75 cents I owe him from the change I failed to give him the Friday night before at Romeos, and he's waiting for his Coffee Coolata. It's 8:45 on a Sunday morning, so naturally, I'm dressed for church. Since I had already raided the coin thingy in my car earlier for my Wawa latte, I'm actually not getting anything.

As I stood there, this guy that could have been in his mid-sixties comes up to me and opens (this is paraphrased...):

"You know it must have been twenty or thirty years ago when I read in Esquire magazine about men who match their ties to their outfits."

And then he goes on to tell me about how meek and mild-mannered they were. He concludes his fashion lecture with, "...but not you."

Now, mind you, I can't give you the full weight of the encounter, partly because I can't remember all the words, and partly because it's just one of the "you had to be there..." kind of happenings. Ask the guy with donut jelly on his chin and Liquid Gold on his fingers. He'll tell you.

I've received many an accolade about my shirt-tie combos, and this particular ensemble consistently ranks with the best of them. So I throw it to you, my loyal readers, to render a final judgment. Do I offend?

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Do you offend? Well...sometimes...yes...but not with this tie/shirt combo! Truthfully, men can be very stylish up into their early 60's...then for some reason, and despite any attempt to resist, they turn into "old men"..which makes them cute in their own way! But NOT the person that you want to take fashion advice from.

I like the tie/shirt!
Your sister


The following picture of Nelson Mandela,
Goes a long way towards refuting Kelly's theory.


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