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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Utter shock and dismay 

Arby's has gone over to the dark side.

A few weeks ago I began a little spare time project to use Google earth to map out all the establishments that serve fountain Coke in the realm of my home, office, and church. I count on these places for a moment of sanity in a world that is otherwise spinning out of control. One such place - Arby's - has long been a haven for my tastebuds and has provided countless times the refreshment and sustenance that I needed. Far from the everyday fast-food fare of floppy fries, yet available at a moment's notice and priced in a range that doesn't break the bank.

Furthermore, thanks to the fund-raising prowess of my Little League friends, I received a 10% discount at all their locations. In a rather serendipitous turn of events, in a year when I oddly enough don't know anyone hawking them, my card expired on Saturday, April 15. As it turns out, Friday, April 14 will have been the last time I ever chose to eat at Arby's.

I was on my way to a retreat near Delaware's beaches with a van full of hungry travelers. When given the options, my companions voted for the first available chain, which to my delight happened to be an Arby's. We made the U-turn, and as we pulled into the parking lot, reminded the team about the rules for purchasing and dining. Having determined to focus on the themes in Philippians 2, no one was allowed to buy anything, ask anything, or do anything for themselves with regard to eating until their food was in front of them. Upon entering the establishment, I discovered that this particular franchise served Pepsi, not Coke. All of my instincts wanted to pack everyone back in the van and head to the Burger King a few miles down the road, but I remembered that it was not about me, but about others. So I chose to be satisfied with the fountain beverage that amounts to no more than carbonated caffeinated prune juice. It was a good learning experience for me.

However, two short weeks later, I was beginning my trek from the office to PBU, knowing that I needed fuel for both my car and my body. I got off at the exit that I knew would render both in glorious fashion. Arby's Beef & Cheddar (on a plain roll) with curly fries and a Coke on the left, Wawa gas on the right. As I pulled up to the drive-by window, my heart sank. Staring at me in all its ignominy was the Pepsi logo. The girl asked how she could help me. I said, "What happened to the Coke?" She made some feeble attempt to offer some inferior alternatives, like root beer or something. I said, "Thank you, never mind," and I drove away, crestfallen.

My worst fears have been confirmed.

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I always find it interesting when people are hardcore for either soda. I can drink them both with equal pleasure. Coke is a little stronger, and Pepsi and little sweeter. And they both offer good Cherry variety cola. I find it as interesting as people who like Miracle Whip and hate Mayonaise. Or people who are not mentally challenged who can drink Dr. Pepper.



If you're interested in that 10% discount, I know where you could score a score of 'em ...

- Ted


Two years ago Pepsi was my soft drink of choice...then everything changed. Coke introduced C2...the first "diet" soda that I can tolerate (no pinch). Now Pepsi tastes way too sweet and "Coke Classic" is only a little too sweet.

And Dean...choosing the soft drink to enjoy with your meal is a lot like choosing the type of wine; red with beef, white with fish and fowl. Dr. Pepper is meant to be enjoyed only with southern foods like BBQ beef brisket sandwiches. Sweet tea goes with Chick-fil-A.


I was at Firewaters the other nite (they have 50 drafts and 100 bottles to choose from), and they didnt have any warsteiner. What a disappointmnent.



Sorry Russell, but I have a confession to make. I know it wasn't what you intended, but after reading your post yesterday I got a mad Arby's craving, so I had to go there for dinner. It was excellent.

By the way, I got a chicken, bacon, and swiss sandwich and drank a Dr. Pepper.


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