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Friday, June 09, 2006

Things I Never Thought I Would Say 

Having children changes your perspective in a lot of ways. I've posted thoughts in the past about some of the transformations that have taken place in my thoughts, attitudes, actions, and words. Today I'd like to focus for a moment on how what passes for "normal" conversation has been forever altered by my children...

Top Ten Things That I Never Thought I'd Hear Myself Say Before Having Kids

  1. Could you please take that swimmie diaper off your sister's head?
  2. Because I said so.
  3. You need to make your poopies obey you.
  4. You can't have any more rice until you eat your meat. [Who ever heard of not liking meat?]
  5. We don't put the doggie's ear or any other part of the doggie in our mouth, OK?
  6. Biggie Pop.
  7. There is plenty of room for both of your caterpillars. If you can't stop arguing about the caterpillars, they are not going be allowed in the car anymore. [The caterpillars are imaginary.]
  8. Please don't put your bowl of oatmeal on top of your head.
  9. Why are you wiping your face on Mommy's sleeve?
  10. Broccoli.... mmm.... yummy.....

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#4 is my favorite :) I love that little girl!!!! well both of them for that matter!


Biggie pop -> child rapper

... and in a few years, you'll be treated to hear yourself saying something along the lines of ...

"Hey! Take the dog out of the microwave!"

- Ted


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