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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Can you help me find my office? 

I don't normally like to blog about work, but a funny thing happened to me today and I felt it was worth sharing. I went to another work site this morning, let's call it Corporate Office Central Complex, Yonder "X" (or COCCYX, for short - COCC being the site name, YX being the building designation) to meet with Mr. Anonymous Nameless (or MAN, for short). The meeting was scheduled to start at 10:30 AM in room GE24 of COCCYX. As we entered the glass atrium of the building, we were greeted by a pleasant woman who gave us some convoluted directions, which we vainly attempted to follow. Some minutes later (and shortly past 10:30 AM) we were greeted by another pleasant woman in the hall asking if she could help us. When we told her we were looking for GE24, she laughed and told us to follow her. She knew exactly where it was, because she had just been asked the same question by MAN. When we arrived at the destination, the sign above the door indicated that this was the office of MAN. Apparently, when MAN looked at his schedule, he didn't recognize the room number and set off through the labyrinth of COCCYX to find "GE24". To his credit, the numbering system is quite unconventional and none of the halls are orthogonal, causing us to take a few more minutes once we actually connected to stumble across GE39, the empty conference room to which we were directed when we realized that MAN's office wasn't going to accommodate all four of us for the meeting. Nevertheless, I had a good chuckle to myself as I pondered the predicament of needing to ask for directions to your own office.

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