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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Words about words 

I try not to jump on every blogwagon that comes along but I've been drawn into this one and I wanted to gather some of my own thoughts together. What better place to do that than on the blog? So here are my two cents:

At any rate, these are just some musings about the furor in some areas of the Godblogosphere, particularly around Mark Driscoll's use of "colorful" language, and more specifically in his recent book Confessions of a Reformission Rev. Rather than link to any specific post, I'll just let my readers explore on their own to see what the buzz is about. (Hint, if you want to know who I'm reading, check out my Friday Top Ten Shout-Out from April 28.) However, I will tell you that I absolutely love the following quote from the book:
"As I studied the Bible, I found more warrant for a church led by unicorns than by majority vote" (p. 103).

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