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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Navigating the change 

A few weeks ago I posted the papers that I had written for my three Bible courses. While there is still much cleansing to be done in my Leadership papers to remove personal references and other things not appropriate to post, I'm pretty sure that my paper that I completed for my Philosophy of Leadership final is fairly innocuous. Well, at least with regard to specific people, places and situations it is. With regard to the views that I espouse, I'm sure it could raise some ire.

I'm also pretty confident that if those people stayed through my "Five I's" (regarding the reality of Human Inability , the necessity of Divine Intervention, the nature of Redemptive Intent, the draw of grace through Spiritual Imperative, and the assurance of our Guaranteed Inheritance) that I'm not going to lose them with my outline for:
Navigating the Change Toward Biblical Church Government (PDF).

The assignment was to write a focus article (8-10 pages) on a topic about leadership. Since the course examined the major leadership theories, the professor wanted us to interact with the readings. Thus, I took the angle of evaluating three "philosophies" of church leadership and how they related to leadership theory. About half-way through, I turned toward what was really on my heart:
"Is an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of each category of church rule truly helpful in determining how to organize a congregation? Can an understanding of the leadership theory supporting a given form of church government add value to the discussion of how to structure the church? Perhaps, but the real question at stake for the believer should be around what is prescribed in Scripture."

I hope you find this reading profitable.

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