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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Top Ten List... and a QUIZ... 

... and it's not even a Friday!
The following is the top ten sports (well, it's actually 17 different sports, but some of them were tied) ranked by popularity (at least according to one American product's marketing team) over the last 70+ years:
  1. Wrestling, Figure Skating, Cycling, Boxing, Aviation (1)
  2. Soccer (2)
  3. Speed Skating, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey (3)
  4. Swimming, Auto Racing (4)
  5. Golf (5)
  6. Tennis (6)
  7. Track & Field (10)
  8. Basketball (13)
  9. Football (32)
  10. Baseball (45)

My challenge to you is to figure out what is the product and the rationale behind this ranking? I'm thinking the prize is something along the lines of a grande iced caramel macchiato.

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How about which sports uses the most illegal drugs to enhance performance? KB


While that is an excellent guess, it is not correct. For starters, I would find it difficult to believe that the sport of "aviation" has had the same number of doping cases as "cycling". Wouldn't you agree? No, the answer is much more objectively determined.

> about the number of athletes in those sports whose picture is on a cereal box?


We have a winner!

KB has correctly identified that this list is ordered by the frequency with which the sport was featured on a cereal box.

To be more specific, it was generated from the list of Champions at the Wheaties website, where I have just now noticed the following disclaimer:
This list will be updated frequently but is not all-inclusive.
In fact, it had been updated since I first drafted the quiz some weeks ago, and now includes an additional baseball player (Alex Rodriguez) and another basketball team (the Miami Heat).

However, the recent changes impact neither the overall rankings in my list, nor the integrity of my original challenge, so the victory stands and I shall deliver one grande iced caramel macchiato to one sister of mine upon my arrival for music practice on Wednesday evening.

Congratulations Kelly, and if you haven't checked out her blog, I recommend it particularly if you are a girl, a teenager, or ever deal with teenage girl things.


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