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Thursday, July 20, 2006

A Dozen CDs 

This is a brief review of the last twelve CDs of "Christian Music" I purchased:

Better Days

Robbie Seay Band
This is probably the best new band that I've heard in the last decade. They have a surprisingly fresh sound, with very solid lyrics and great vocals. Highly recommended!
O How The Mighty Have Fallen

The Choir
I haven't bought an album from this band since 1990's "Circle Slide" (which is easily in my top 50 all time), but unfortunately not much has changed in 15 years. I'd like to have seen them develop their sound into some more mature and seasoned. This recording gets whiny and boring for me by the 4th track.

Derek Webb
The former lyricist and vocalist for Caedmon's Call, Derek Webb has put out a trio of fantastic albums. In this latest release, he tends to embrace pacificism a little more boldly, but it doesn't keep him from being musically and lyrically brilliant.

Jeremy Camp
I was very impressed when I first heard Jeremy Camp and believed he could set a new standard. However, he hasn't really done anything since then to help me solidify that impression, and I have largely forgotten this album.

Chris Tomlin
As always, Chris Tomlin's songs are both exalting to God and very catchy to sing in a group setting. He doesn't break a lot of new ground on this album, but I think several songs have potential to make their way into our collective repertoire of great praise music.
Nothing is Sound

It would be hard to follow up with their last breakthrough album in any kind of successful way. I agree with the sentiment expressed in the title... nothing is sound... but it doesn't necessarily make it good music.

Casting Crowns
There is much excellent music on this album, but not much that sounds truly unique. A good follow-up effort to their self-titled debut. I kept looking for the one song that would make me sit up and take notice, but maybe I have to listen a few more times.
A Collision

David Crowder Band
This was one bizarre listening experience. Such a far cry from the Illuminate CD, which had a couple of real gems and held together nicely. This feels like the Zooropa debacle.

Bart Millard
My wife would grade this one way higher, because she absolutely loves it. Were it not for the next one on the list, I probably would have agreed with her.
Redemption Songs

Jars of Clay
I think this represents some of their best work since their highly acclaimed debut album. I especially like the collaborative efforts with the Blind Boys of Alabama.
Wherever You Are

Third Day
After I saw them perform live, I became much more enthralled with their sound. However, I'm still partial to the work done for the two worship albums, and feel they've gone too far in the Pop direction on this one.
The Boy Vs The Cynic

John Reuben
This is a solid average effort from the nerdy white rapper. (Hey, I'm a hard grader, sorry.)

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