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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Please send me to Africa 

For those who are acquainted with me, my involvement in short-term missions has become common knowledge by now. I have been priviledged to be used by God in support, ministry, leadership, and training roles with teams going to the Philippines (1980-82), Mexico (1988), Ocean City (1989), Alaska (1990), Japan (1992), Minnesota (1995), Kenya (2000), Peru (2001), Mexico (2002), and Russia (2003-05). By His grace, He has granted me another opportunity with the team planning to go to the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2007.

In preparation for that journey, Bethel’s student ministries pastor and I will be traveling to Africa next week on a scouting mission. We depart from Philadelphia on Saturday, September 2 and return on Sunday, September 17. An AIM missionary couple from our church will meet us in the airport in Entebbe, Uganda, to take us to Bunia, Congo, where we are planning an English Bible Camp for next summer. The purpose of our trip will be to gain first hand experience of the culture, meet the leaders we will be working with, and provide encouragement to the local believers and missionaries.

The people of Congo have been through such tragic times, and I am looking forward to hearing their testimonies of God’s sovereignty and grace in their lives. We hope that our ministry would be a blessing and will have eternal impact, not just on them, but on the team of students that goes next year, on the church that sends them, and on all those who join their support team. Would you prayerfully consider partnering with us to see what God will do through our ministry? Here’s how you can help:

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