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Friday, August 18, 2006

man I wish I knew what this says 

This is some pretty cool stuff.

But that's not what I was going to post today. I was going to post another quiz:

To the first person who can post a comment with (A) a roughly accurate translation and (2) the origin of this quote will find themselves the recipient of one iced latte.

I will give one more hint for every incorrect guess posted (up to 5).

UPDATE (08/22)
  1. Thank you Jean for your excellent guess. Since it is wrong, I will tell you that the filename for the picture contains one word from the English, one letter indicating the language it's been translated into, and random numbers assigned by blogger when uploading. Unfortunately, Jean was hoping for hint #2, which is the Russian equivalent of the same phrase. She'll have to wait for another wrong answer. However, don't forget the second requirement for the latte - the origin of this phrase!
UPDATE (08/24)
  1. I'm considering just sending this picture only to Jean, since she seems like the only one intent on solving this puzzle. However, at the risk of her doing all the hard work and someone else sniping the answer, here is the second clue:

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I tried figuring out this puzzle but need a hint, so here's a wrong answer -- Men are selfish people; but there is none more so than I.


"Do or do not; there is no try." Yoda


From Terentius (originally in Latin): "I am a human being, so nothing human is strange (or alien) to me."


Excellent work Jean!

In case you were wondering, this quote is found at the top of Dave Weigel's blog (content not approved or endorsed by me).

The full scoop, along with many other translations, can be found at this site.

Do you want your iced latte on Sunday morning or Wednesday night?


Sunday morning would be great! Thanks for the puzzle!!


In my defense, I was looking for it...but my "real" job keeps interfering. Sorry!


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