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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Andy did you hear about this one? 

Can I just start out with a big fat "I told you so"?

Exhibit A: We currently lack the technology to put a human being on the surface of the moon. We couldn't do it now if we tried. We haven't been able to do it for 30 years.

Exhibit B: No one has been able to show me a single current image of the surface of the moon demonstrating evidence that man had ever set foot there. We didn't leave the flag, we didn't leave any commemorative plaque. As far as I know, we didn't even leave footprints.

Exhibit C: Now, according to this Reuters story, NASA "has misplaced the original recording" of this historic alleged event. To compound the issue, it seems they had the only copy, since their "equipment was not compatible" for broadcasting over television and had to be "re-shot". How convenient.

In conclusion...

Mott the Hoople and the game of Life.
Andy Kaufman in the wrestling match.
Monopoly, Twenty one, checkers, and chess.
Mister Fred Blassie in a breakfast mess.
Let's play Twister, let's play Risk.
See you heaven if you make the list.

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Did you decide that it would be too difficult to argue that the earth is flat?



Having personally witnessed the roundness of the earth and experienced its effect, that would have been a daunting task indeed. I'm not trying to disprove a scientific fact, I'm trying to discover the reality behind a media event.


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