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Friday, August 04, 2006

Bad Poetry Redux - Lyrics on the Loose 

To the best of my knowledge, only three of my poems have ever been put to music and recorded. I don't believe that any recordings are available to the general public, but they exist out there somewhere I'm sure. I'd love to figure out how I can get my hands on them.

The most recent recording of my lyrics may actually be two different songs - one that has already made it to the Hall of Bad Poetry (see entry for Friday, June 30), and the other that probably won't (because I don't think it's that bad). They were recorded by my friend Phil, who was the guitarist and off-and-on vocalist for the now-defunct bands "Sweet Luscious", "Baxter Stockman", and "Juggernaut". He also has collaborated with former vocalist and guitarist for the indie band "Spectacle" for several "Gathering" events.

The second recording was made at my wedding reception, when I sang a song that I had written (in collaboration - at least musically - with my high school buddy, Mark) called "Princess". I believe that recording is only extant on the video that we have in our house. Since I have lost the notebook containing the original work, I will need to dig out that tape and transcribe it, but I should hope it will never make it into the Hall of Bad poetry. I wrote it for my bride, and performed it in front of 330 people for her, so it can't be all that bad.

The first recording was made by my college roommate, Dave, who used to tune guitars for Dave Perkins of Chagall Guevara. Dave is one of the main inspirations that caused me to pick up a guitar in the first place, and taught me many things about music. He had been in a band that I believe was called "Duckbutter" and later played in a band with two monikers: "Laura and Blue Eddies" (or maybe it was "Eddie and the Blue [somethings]") or "Laura Blue". Anyway, he was the first one to use my poems as the lyrics to a song:

Turning Away
The rain at my back
The hair in my face
You held me last night
In that very same place

We walked in the waves
to the light of the moon
I never imagined
It would all end so soon

I wanted to say it
You left me no chance
To play that last song
And ask you to dance

The foam at my feet
The rose in my hand
You left me standing
Alone in the sand

The pain in my voice
The tears in my eyes
The hole in my heart
I could not disguise

The beauty I saw
Before me that day
I'll never forget
Your turning away

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