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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Cell Phones and Bibles 

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In very uncharacteristic fashion, I was quite taken by an email forward that I received recently, and it has caused me to ponder and develop the thought into a post. I'm not even sure how I ended up on this person's forward list, and I generally just hit the delete button. The subject of this one was "Fw: Cell Phone vs. Bible" and I was in the sixth generation of recipients. That means that if each of the 88 people in the distribution chain behaved exactly as everyone else in their generation, by now this email could have reached some 1,275,120 inboxes.

However, my point today is not to analyze the math nor the sociology underlying email forwarding phenomena, but to spend a moment imagining if our attitude toward cell phones and Bibles were reversed...

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Bravo, Bravo! Thank you for bringing this list to the large readership your blog attracts. One question though, how could someone ever possibly be so rude to interupt a conversation they are currently engaged in to proceed to speak with someone who is not even present!?! Baffling!!!



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