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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sex Sells 

Beer, cars, fashion, cosmetics... they've used erotic messages and imagery for a long time. But is there any product that they won't stoop to advertising with sex?

First, I thought it was crazy when they were trying to convince us that if we use their hair care product, we are likely to have a sexually stimulating experience. Next, I'm bombarded with the message that if I visit this particular city, I'll probably be involved in some sort of scandalous affair that would cause my lawn boy to extort more money out of me for keeping it quiet and may ruin my chances in a job interview. Then, I'm disgusted to hear two people in bed together talking about their fast food as if it was some kind of ambiguously kinky sex toy. Now, I hear about a 2004 literacy campaign laced with a double-entendre suggesting that if you read more books you'll be rewarded with oral pleasure?

What's next? Head stones for your gravesite that promise an eternal erection? Tax services with an "extra special" personal touch? Oil, lube & filter... not just for cars anymore? Here's what I want to see: here is my product, here is what it does, here is what is costs. Now that would be shocking.

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