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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Riddles for the Road 

Rather than jump back into the discussion on the doctrinal pillars for just one day before heading off for Mount Saint Mickey, I'm instead going to give you some riddles to ponder until I return.

  1. Can you identify the Biblical character who spoke the Word of the Lord, never sinned, and yet is denied entrance to Heaven?

  2. Can you describe the difference between infralapsarianism and supralapsarianism in 100 words or less?

  3. Can you name the mountain that my wife and I refer to on a regular basis in our house? I'll give you a hint, it's not Mount Saint Helen and it's not Mount Saint Mickey... but it's Mount Saint ________.

  4. Behead a beast and you will find
    A larger beast is left behind.
    Take off its head once more and then
    You'll find you're left not one but ten.

  5. How long is the answer to this riddle?

  6. What is the next number in this sequence?
    1, 11, 21, 1211, 111221, 312211, 13112221

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1. I'm going to guess Lucifer, because I don't know if he is ever linked to a sin himself specifically in the Bible.

5. How Long

6. 1113213211



#1 I'm thinking a certain donkey in Numbers 22.

#2 I have two answers:
God’s decrees in order according to:
Infralapsarianism: (1) God decreed the creation of mankind, (2) God decreed mankind would be allowed to fall into sin through its own self-determination, (3) God decreed to save some of the fallen, and (4) God decreed to provide Jesus Christ as the Redeemer.
Supralapsarianism: (1) God decreed the election of some and the eternal condemnation of others, (2) God decreed to create those elected and eternally condemned, (3) God decreed to permit the fall, and (4) God decreed to provide salvation for the elect through Jesus Christ.

in a sleek and slender 93 words
in the Jenny Craig 38-word version:

Infralapsarianism focuses on God allowing the fall and providing salvation. Supralapsarianism focuses on God ordaining the fall, creating certain people for the sole purpose of being condemned, and then providing salvation for only those whom He had elected.
That has to earn a certain degree of difficulty, even for copy and pasting ... Funny you asked this, as I went surfing for the answer after March Madness ...

#3 - Not a clue, so I'll go with Mt. St. Clueless

#4 - fox

And, finally, I agree with Dean on 5 & 6 [ although the next next number for would be 31131211131221 in #6 ]

- Ted N


Your getting side tracked. You may need to place marshmallow peep in front of your key board.


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