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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Roses and Diamonds and Crap 

“I think the holiday is total crap,” said a newly married 27-year-old man from Greenwich, Conn., who asked not to be identified.

This from a article about "the corny, forced sentimentalism of a contrived, overly commercialized holiday."

I have agreed with this mentality for a long time. You want to know what I got my wife last year for Valentine's Day? A Kit-Kat bar. What about this year? A Little People playset. You wanna know why? I can usually get a dozen roses for about $25. Sometimes, when I want to have them nicely arranged in a vase with some greens and stuff, I'll go up to $40. Explain to me how they can justify more than a hundred bucks for a dozen roses for just one week out of the year? I mean, at least at least with the DeBeers cartel, even though they've got you on their leash any time of the year, you really are only expected to get diamonds once, maybe twice, at most three times in your life. But jacking you once a year as long as you're interested in women... someone big must be behind this. In fact, they probably don't really want people like me to question them. I just imagine the members of the flower cartel, sitting on their purulent rear ends with their bank of monitors in front of them scanning the blogosphere to make sure that

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I was really with you on this one until you said "flower cartel". As if the price of flowers isnt natrually controlled by supply and demand. More demand for flowers in february = higher price. If it didnt, we might have a "great flower shortage", and the people who really need them and have the means to buy them might not be able to.



Jason -

I would tend to agree with you except that your argument would suggest that we could reasonably expect the price of gas to increase from roughly $2.50 a gallon to $12.50 a gallon during Thanksgiving Week. Don't you think there would be an outcry about that? I'm intrigued by the thought of your "great flower shortage," but I think that even though the demand is artificially inflated it still doesn't justify a 400% price increase. It also doesn't explain why I'm expected to pay $5.25 for a Mother's Day card and only $1.75 for any other card. I'm telling you, someone is behind this, and they don't want you to know about it.






While I agree with you "RUSSELL" the real Russ brown never signs his full name to an internet posting. How foolish of you. Further, it is highly unlikely that he would write in all caps, or neglect to log in to his own blog while posting.

As far as your comments "r". Since the price of gas arguably IS a cartel, I think the pricing issue there is a bit more complicated, supply is kept artificially low in order to drive prices. In times when a legitimate shortage develops in a small geographic area, local gas stations are often accused of "gouging", while I tend to support the concept of the price going up as the supply runs out. And heres the real not so profound reason that they charge $100 for a dozen roses. Because people will pay it.




I purchased 1 dozen long stem red roses on 2/14/2006 from a flower shop in northern New Castle County, DE for $25.


I thought his numbers were a bit of an exaggeration, 25 seems much more reasonable. To Russ's credit i think 100 is actually not too far off if you order online and get the most deluxe (pricey) offering.



Bill -

I wish I knew where you shopped for flowers. I can tell you that when I priced flowers on February 9 it was $60 (US) for 6 red roses, arranged in a vase with greens at the florist on Veale Rd between Marsh and Silverside. In the same week, one dozen long-stemmed red roses, boxed and delivered were going for $119 and $125 at two different Trolley Square vicinity florists that I use. Also that week I checked out some of the grocery store offerings, and they were approximately 2-3 times the normal price for red roses. Now, one detail that might make your claim a little more believable would be whether the roses in question were purchased with or without thorns?


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