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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Yes, but what kind of influence? 

OK, if you can't face up to the reality that Joel Osteen is actually just another character played by Martin Short, then I don't think I can help you. But that's not the purpose of my post today. I wanted to draw attention to The Church Report’s list of The 50 Most Influential Christians in America. The list is a veritable compendium of what's wrong with Christianity. Don't get me wrong on this point - I don't think the list is flawed. I think it is eerily accurate. And if this cornucopia of quasi-evangelicals and corn-ball televangelists represents the main influence on American Christians today, the church has a lot of work to do.

The folks over at the evangelical outpost have done some analysis on the list, and I've crunched some numbers as well. Here's my summary: 90% male, 36% associated with TBN, 36% pastors of mega-churches, 36% from somewhere in the southwestern US, 24% also on Time's list of The 25 Most Influential Evangelicals in America, 22% from non-denominational churches, 8% Roman Catholic, and about 16% people that I actually have at least one of their books in my personal library. I'll bet you can't guess which one takes up the most shelf space?

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My guess is John Maxwell.


Max Lucado....just a guess...and is Dr. Phil even a Christian? I will admit that that list irked me....for obvious reasons!





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