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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A Footnote of Sorts 

If you are just joining the blog now, not to worry. With the new name comes a new format, and I will soon be deleting all the old posts, so you really haven't missed anything. Here is a brief history of the transformation and a summary of the direction we're going now...

That brings us to right now. I won't make any promises about how often or how well I will be posting, nor will I make any predictions about what the topics will be. Here are some hot things on my mind right now:

  1. Annoying grammatical and English usage mistakes
  2. Fisher-Price Little People
  3. Virginia Tech Hokies (though I can't imagine they will be #3 for long...)
  4. The theology of church government and church discipline (hmmm... wonder why?)
  5. Wawa lattes

We'll see what happens. Join the fun as it emerges.

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