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Friday, January 20, 2006

Doubly Blessed 

Last night at supper, my 3-year-old daughter prayed:

"Dear Jesus, thank you for my food and thank you for the chicken salad, and thank you that we made a card for Bryana, and thank you for mommy and for daddy and for Lydia, and thank you for the chicken salad, and thank you for loving me.
In Jesus name, amen."

Oh yeah, the chicken salad is good enough to get prayed for twice. I made one sandwich on a toasted sourdough English muffin, then I made another one on regular whole wheat bread, and then I pulled out the two ends of the loaf and made a third sandwich. Having no more bread within reach, I then just ate straight out of the bowl. It's just that good. Thanks to Devonna, here is the recipe:

4 c. chicken cooked and cubed
1 c. celery chopped (optional)
1 c. grapes, cut in half
1/3 c. sliced almonds
1 tsp. minced onions
1 tsp. salt
1/2 c. heavy whipping cream (whipped)
1 c. mayonnaise

mix cream and mayonnaise together, add salt and onion.
add to remaining ingredients a little at a time
save some sauce if making ahead, it may dry out

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